Team Member Detail
Ryan Curran

I have been a BCBA since 2007 and I have been a student of Behavior Analysis since 2003. I attended FSU and participated in the Performance Management Track under Jon Bailey and I received my masters in Applied Behavior Analysis from FIT under Dave Wilder and Jose Martinez-Diaz. I have worked in several positions as a Behavior Analyst including: being the sole Behavior Analyst to a Middle School/ High School, a med waiver consultant for adults and teens with developmental disabilities, a foster care prevention consultant for typically developing teens and adolescents, part of a large team of Behavior Analysts at a large IB facility, as a private consultant, and as the Director of Behavior Services of an organization with multiple programs. I have had extensive experience working within a wide range of levels of restrictiveness including: no reactive strategies, use of personal restraints, uses of mechanical restraints. I am fluent on all ethical guidelines and am well accustomed to the Local Review Committee review process.


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