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Now accepting referrals from: Local Regional Centers, Easter Seals Bay Area/Kaiser, Local School Districts, most major insurance companies, and private pay.
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PBS Regional Coordinators

Our regional coordinators are dedicated to improving the lives of the individual we serve and lead our service providers in the coverage areas shown on the map.

Ms. Erin Harlan

Erin Harlan, M.Ed., BCBA

+1-855-832-6727 Ext. 1032

Ms. Kerry Jones

+1-855-832-6727 Ext. 1046

Ryan Curran

+1-855-832-6727 Ext. 1201

Diana Sanguino

West Coast Regional Coordinator

+1-855-832-6727 Ext. 1225

Tricia Walden

Space Coast Regional Coordinator

+1-855-832-6727 Ext. 1206

Melissa Sosa

Palm Beach County Regional Coordinator

+1-855-832-6727 Ext. 1596

Rebecca Bialy

Regional Coordinator

+1-855-832-6727 Ext. 1884

Ms. Jacquelyn McLeish

Lead Analyst

+1-855-832-6727 Ext. 1132

Mrs. Moniek Wilson

Regional Coordinator

+1-855-832-6727 Ext. 1147

Ms. Brittany Noel Harley

Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst

+1-855-832-6727 Ext. 1736

Katlyn Harman

Behavior Assistant

+1-855-832-6727 Ext. 1242

Ms. Fran Echeverria

+1-855-832-6727 Ext. 1076

Daisy Confusione

+1-855-832-6727 Ext. 1869

Alexander Dominguez

+1-855-832-6727 Ext. 2542

Mrs. Tawnya Crider

Panhandle Regional Coordinator

+1-855-832-6727 Ext. 1081

Cindy Stavisky

+1-855-832-6727 Ext. 1379


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